This game will make you forget about the real world and just suck you into this fantastic 2d universe

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadow Complex X360
Epic games are the people behind the massive success series Gears of war and Unreal tournament, and Shadow Complex is, as the other titles from Epic Games, highly addictive.
In the game you play has Jason Fleming, who is on a picnic with his girlfriend. Early on, she disappears and your only friend, at first, is a flashlight and a lousy gun. The first thing that stunnes you, is the massive universe that the game takes place in. It is huge, and beautiful. But also early on the game shows some of the bad sides about this game. Sometimes your gun goes through a wall, you get stuck in the enviroment or you can't aim on the enemies standing everywhere. But luckily the game has more positive than negative aspects. When you are sneaky up tp an enemy, you can just press B and the camera changes to 3D and you just see how the enemy gets killed. This is just amazing, and the way you sneak kill has a lot of variation.
Another positive thing that makes this game so awesome that you just has to play it again is all of the upgrades. Guns, extra equipments and extra gear stuff just makes this game fun. When you unlock some of the secrets about this weird place you get a machine gun and further on a kind of shotgun. Fortunately to find all of the upgrades and guns you have to look everywhere, and this can take a while because the world is massive.
Shadow Complex costs 1200MSP and this is an okay price for such and amazing game
Normally the top grade i give to a Xbox live arcade game is an 8. But this game is awesome so i will turn my grade up a notch to 8,5.
My next review will be on NBA 2k10 Draft combine, and off course the long waited Batman Arkham Asylum, which will arrive in my country,Denmark, on august 27th