Great game, brings life to 2D side scrolling games and leaves you wanting more after all it only lasts 8hrs.

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadow Complex X360
This game is everything I expected it to be everything feels extrememly fluid and easy controls only make the experience better. The graphics are the best I have seen even for a downloadable game and the price aint half bad either. I stand to say that this is hands down the best downloadable game for this year. With an original story, new approach at an old forgot style of gameplay and its great graphics this game is a must buy and at only 15.00 it won't hurt your wallet. Yeah it is short, only 8 hours, and yeah it is kind of annoying they didn't allow free play after completing the main story mode since there are areas you will not be able to access again, but those things can be overlooked since the game is so good and at around 2 dollars per hour of gameplay, not including replay, it is the best value of the year.

Overall: I think this game is a great game and brings me back to my youth when I played games like Super Mario and Castlevania:SOTN. Only this game has a next gen feel and everything about it is pure fun and awesomeness. If your not into downloadable games or think they are over priced this game throws all that out the window. Get it, play it, and love it.