It's bad, but not that bad... well maybe.

User Rating: 5.8 | Seven Samurai 20XX PS2
I remember I was one of the first people to get this game and at the time I had also just got my PS2. The game was pretty good to me except for the fact that you can't jump. This, in my opinion, would have turned the game into a very stylized piece of art. Anyway, that's beyond the point. This game is something that could have been great but ended up being, well, a tragedy in a good way (?).

The gameplay wasn't bad to me when it came down to the action. I loved the 2D beat 'em ups so this was perfect for me in that aspect. The action is very fast paced, that can never be a negative. With that, the game was very linear and was very shallow when it came to adventure. I would have loved to see some secret weapons with some extremely hard bosses. None the case, you walk around with the same weapon, and I can't remember if you level up or not but I don't think so.

When it comes to the graphics, they were alright. The effects of the fight weren't that bad but they could have used some help. The story on the other hand was pretty good, only because it was an adaptation of the epic movie. One more thing that could have made this game great is if you could have actually used the other 6 samurai. You're stuck with one guy the whole game and the same moves. Even the 2D fighters had more than one pick right? Well all in all, the game was a failure but it failed with some sort of style. I say check your bargain bin for this one but don't spend anything over $10.