A game which may be old, but is better then the new ones.

User Rating: 10 | Seven Kingdoms PC
Seven Kingdoms, is the RTS game which all the players crave, but none find.
Its old date makes people think that it isn't able to compete with the games of today, that is one of the mistakes about Seven Kingdoms.
The old date doesn't mean its a bad game, actually, its better then about 50% of the ones that came this 2 years!
Its a game which gives every nation a balance but also diversity, each with their own god, army, and own village.
The fact that there are so few differences may make a player think that its not as good as others.
But that fact actually makes it amazingly good! It makes the fact that you can take every nation under your custody, make an amazing land to be ruled by you!
The gods will wreck havoc, or will make your nation flow, the army's will march as the generals, and their king leads the way, using the war machines they have discovered by their engineers, will make your nation the most supreme.
Conquering every minting deposit in the land, will make your nation the richest, and the one to thrive and build the most.
Killing the monsters fryhtans will make you the ultimate slayer in the land.
Conquering the independent villages will give you outposts, cities and new countries to rule.
To make this thing short, Seven Kingdoms, is surprisingly the ultimate RTS game, among oh so many.