My kids say, "ELMO!"

User Rating: 10 | Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster X360
If anyone who rated this game based it on their own likes/dislikes, then they are dense. The point of this game is to bring the whole family together in front of the XBOX 360. My kids love this game, and do well playing it. My kids are 2 and 3, and still are able to follow along with Elmo and his monster pals. I usually have to play with them to keep the game moving along, but enjoy the simple fun of spending time with the kids. There are numerous fun levels in the game, and what I like is that you don't have to do much to pass the levels and advance to the next stage of the game. I like that you have the option of downloading more games after you are done with the main story. The game is, for what it's inteded for, wonderful! The whole family enjoys this game, and I am very happy to have it.