An all around fun for the kids and entertaining for the parents experience that stands proud in this slim genre.

User Rating: 8 | Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster X360
As soon as I saw the trailer for this game I knew it was something I wanted to get for my kids. Initially my daughter was a little put off by it as it took some time for her to get used to interfacing with the kinect. However once she became less shy about it she seemed to really enjoy it. Her face remained lit up the entire time throughout the game as each page in this story book set of mini games brought a new challenge. I even found myself enjoying it in moments where she was unclear on what she was supposed to be doing (not for lack of ability, but lack of paying attention to Elmo and cookie monster's instructions.) Additionally it was entertaining enough for me to watch her enjoy and didn't leave me mind numbingly bored through the consecutive two hours she played at one time.

Few things bring more joy than seeing your own child be able to grasp the concepts presented in this game at such a young age. Kudos to the creators and Sesame Street on this unique experience!