Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Egyptian Level

    This secret can be found in the ''Tower Of Babel'' level. The sub-level (objective) is when you start looking for the 3 wisdom tablets. At the start of the sub-level (this sub-level should have you starting on a walkway/bridge; The structure in front of you should be the front of the Tower of Babel), drop down from the walkway and turn left. Head towards the long wall (at the far-end), which has drawings of a lion-type creatures all the way across it. Obviously there is going to be lots of mayhem, so try to get over there as quick as you can. At the same time, try to lure your enemies over near the wall. At the wall, stand between the 3rd and 4th drawing. When the enemies fire at you, move quickly out of the way (obviously). If they have fired at the right spot, a little passageway should now be exposed. At the end of the passageway, you should see a glowing warp circle. Go inside to find a heart and some armor (after blowing stuff up). There's also a ''movie set'' of the First Encounter, along with a beach ball!!!

    Contributed by: BoneDaddy 

  2. Mental mode!

    In ordea to unloch the coveted 'mental' mode, you must first complete the game in serious mode. After the game is completed, you should get a flashing message at the top of the statistics screen. Mental mode is a flashing option below serious mode.

    Contributed by: TCMonkey 

  3. Cheat Codes

    Press the ~ button and type in:

    Effect Effect
    please tellall All Info
    please giveall All Weapons
    please fly Fly Mode
    please god God Mode
    please invisible Invisiblity
    please killall Kill All Enemies
    please ghost No clip mode
    please open Point at any locked door, it will open.
    please refresh Restores all Energy

    Contributed by: Synard, clipse43, Starky27, Alexander S 

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