The very meaning of hectic.

User Rating: 8.8 | Serious Sam: The First Encounter PC
When you ask people what they think is the best first person shooter ever, most will probably answer "Halo". That's their game. Serious Sam was mine. Now granted, Halo offers immersive gameplay and compelling storytelling. Serious Sam stars a Duke Nukem clone, has one of the most ridiculous throw away plots ever, and is pure mindless fun. Just check your brain at the door. All you'll be needing are your reflexes and a heavy trigger finger. Instead of inventing weird alien weapons with unpronouncable names, Serious Sam has standard fair. You've got revolvers, shotguns, miniguns, rocket launchers, laser cannons and such. What it DOES offer beyond this are elements that few other few person shooters give. It has intriguing monster designs(I personally think the aliens of Halo look ridiculous). But it also offers fast, hectic combat in which the game literally throws everything at you but the kitchen sink. Deeper into the game, you're strafing and dodging and throwing hot lead in the air as you fight off hundreds of enemies, all aiming at YOU. Some are tough and can take more than one missle blast. Others have bombs attached to their hands and run at you like a kamakaze. I have never seen this many enemies in any other first person shooter. Ever. And at the end of the game is the single biggest badass in existence. The graphics are nothing to write home about when compared to Halo, but the level design is much more clever. And in between the shooting and the blasting are some witty one-liners offered by the game's lead to keep things from getting dull. But even without the humor, Serious Sam offers what a first person shooter really should be about. Frantic action and pure adrenaline. And with each game being offered at less than $20, you really can't go wrong.