Seriously Fun!

User Rating: 8.4 | Serious Sam: The First Encounter PC
So why is Serious Sam so great? Fun. That would be the best word to describe Serious Sam's twitch shooting style. Serious Sam sees you, Sam, travel back in time to Ancient Egypt because of an Alien Invasion, which has mostly wiped out human existence. You must travel back in time to kill the alien leader, Mental. Serious Sam has some great shooting action, with some jaw-dropping enemies and bosses. However, what really stands out in Serious Sam is the amount of foes you will fight on screen at once. Most of the time you will be battling 30 or so enemies at once, on levels that contain several hundred foes. It's insane! And the bosses are another crazy highlight, as they are huge! The last boss is over 300m tall! The graphics are also very good in Serious Sam, and most computers should run it without any problems. The water is especially beautiful, and is the game's greatest graphical achievement. Also, good sound and excellent music accompany these graphics. In conclusion, Serious Sam can be played and enjoyed by all. It's only noticeable shortcoming is the fact that the game gets repetitive towards the end.