Serious Sam II Cheats For Xbox

  1. Cheat Menu

    Pause the game. Press and hold down the R Trigger. Press Black, White, Black White, etc until "Cheats" appears at the bottom of the cheat menu. Press X to enter the cheats menu to activate God Mode, Give All Weapons (that are avaliable on that level), Refill Health, Give an Extra Live, and Unlock All Levels.

    Contributed by: djcatskratch 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Serious Sam II Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Menu

    At the main menu hold down the right shift button and press F3,F4,F3,F3,F4 Then press F1 to bring up the cheat menu

    Contributed by: Josh1012 

  2. Get Rocketlauncher in the first level

    Before you go through the monkey head, look to your right. There should be a small waterfall.A little bit more right, there is a platform up on the wall. Shoot at the piece of wood under this, and a rocketlauncher will fall down.

    Contributed by: beverlyholzkill 

  3. Difficulty Bonus

    Start a new game under the difficulty of your choice. At any time, go back to the main menu, select Custom Level, and play it through in Serious Difficulty. Load the game you had previously started, and although the starting difficulty will have stayed the same, at the end of each level you will get the difficulty bonus for Serious difficulty.

    Contributed by: Shurikane 

  4. Level Skip

    After you do the F3, F4, F3, F3, F4 cheat at the main menu, when you are in a level, you can press F2 (NOT IN THE CHEAT MENU) to skip to the next level. This works in any level but the last one.

    Contributed by: dgwutka 

  5. Enable Developer Cheats

    Hit the tilde key while playing the game to bring up the console and type "sam_iEnableCheats=2" without quotes. Then pause the game and hit F1 and you will have enabled the developer cheats rather than the regular ones.

    Effect Effect
    Add Life Option Adds one additional life to however many you have
    Ghost Option Allows Sam to fly
    Refresh Heath Option Bring Health to 200%
    Kill All Option Destroy all enemies simultaneously
    Turbo Option Makes Sam Incredibly fast and Jump Far
    God Mode Option Sam will take no damage and will not be knocked back.
    Invisibility Option Sam's Enemies will no longer see him
    Toggle Hud Option Turns the Heads Up Display On/Off
    Unlock Levels Option Unlocks all levels in the Custom Level Menu
    Chapter Option Warps you around current level

    Contributed by: Mauls_Mentor 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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