More under the hood than boobs

User Rating: 9 | Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Let's Get Physical Edition) VITA
As my first outing in the world of Senran Kagura, Shinovi Versus was a great place to get started. Having never seen the Nintendo editions I can't comment on the differences, but I can say this game is more than just fan service. The Gameplay; fighting in Senran Kagura is as fun as can be, with all kinds of combos and techniques to master in both the main story and individual character missions. There are many button mashingly joyful hours of fun to be had playing the game; you can play through without necessarily learning tactics and combos, but the real fun is in perfecting your fighting style with each unique character. The Story; with a mixture of heartwarming, and hilarious story lines Shinovi Versus offers something for everyone... That is unless you are easily offended. While the core of the story is ninjas fighting ninjas, everything else is boob's, touching, and sexual innuendo. The game often borders on crass but not enough to tear you away from the fun. Best bits; the core gameplay and buttery controls are the games strongest features with a lighthearted and ludicrous storyline to keep you interested for the duration. The option of never having to use the touchscreen or motion sensors is a huge plus also. Niggles; while tollereable, some of the riskier adult themes get a little uncomfortable at times. The entirely manual save system and less than perfect browsing of outfits for your fighters feels outdated and out of place on a modern game. In the end, Shinovi Versus is a wonderful game I would recommend to anyone over the age of 16. It offers pure fun with no regard for modesty, and is all the better for it. If more developers would take a leaf out of Senran Kagura's book the games industry would be better for it.