Look good but Unplayable and Unguided Which Make it Unenjoyable

User Rating: 4 | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PC

I admit the game looks good to all Action Adventure fans out there but when you play the game it gives you headache and frustration. I don't who made this game but i am sure he do not play games at all as the difficulty of this game is totally pathetic as you keep dying over and over again and after hours you manage to beet one boss of some sort there is another one, other then that there is no map or guidance system in the game for where to go next that keeps you stranded like a lone wolf what to do next.

All of these things makes your experience unenjoyable as no one have this much time and patience to play a single area of the game each day over and over again for hours

My advise to you don't buy it