Difficult for the unknown player, easy for the known player

User Rating: 7 | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PC

For the reason which I play this game is the difficulty to kill bosses that I was heard. I have spent 2 days to experience this game. I did not have any experience with Soulsborne games (Dark Soul, Bloodborne) so in the beginning, this game makes frustrated that I have never had when playing. The small bosses become an obstacle for me. The more difficult when I play more. The first big boss - chained orc that took me 2 hours to overcome it.

After all, I decide to watch walkthroughs of the player who replays this game. All of the riddles I met that have been solved. Each of the bosses has a weak point. You can easily overpass it with the right items and the tips and tricks to kill them. I just spent 15 minutes with twice trying to kill main boss Gyoubu Oniwa.

In conclusion, the game is difficult because it hasn't clear hints for the new players. Explanations for items and side quests are vague, so it makes the difficulty and takes a lot of time of players to explore it. Everything is easier when you know all.