From a longtime Fromsoft Games Fan

User Rating: 1 | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice XONE
I have completed every game made recently by Fromsoft so I enjoy difficulty if it’s fair. This game deserves the 1 I am giving because they have finally made a disgustingly difficult experience devoid of fun in any way. I do not care to finish it. I am not interested in the world as there doesn’t seem to be any reason for any of it. The difficulty spike with Genichiro having 3 GD life bars is just soul killing. F you fromsoft. It’s like you made this game to crap on every soulsborne player’s muscle memory. Oh holding block reduces posture damage after years of don’t hold block because that will prevent stamina regen. Oh you’re used to dodging and having I frames. No you gotta somehow time blocks perfectly. No other way to win. Previous games you could play your way. This one forces you to deflect with perfect timing in spite of having the laggiest controls ever. The navigation sucks also though the combat is my main gripe along with the boring world and boring enemies. Next game will not be bought without trying first. You’ve pissed me off. Just terrible.