STAY AWAY! A beautiful game ruined by an unreasonable and unadjustable difficulty level.

User Rating: 4 | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PC

It's actually revolting that they designed a game with this level of difficulty. All enjoyment evaporated when I got to the FIRST boss. A complete waste of money if they don't patch the game to accommodate those without cheetah level reflexes.

Visually, the game is quite lovely and I would love to see more of it..... except for the insane and unreasonable difficulty. I've played other sword and slash games without have the first boss own me over and over again. I'm extremely disappointed. I think I'll play the Witcher to wash the stink of this game off of me. Just...... yuck.

If you can get through this game, good for you. If you haven't already purchased the game, I would say STAY AWAY! I've voiced my disgust with the game, but it appears that I have to write a full essay to post anything.