An mindless button smasher masquerading as a Soul-Series Game..

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-=:: ] An mindless button smasher masquerading as a Soul-Series Game [ ""=-

To understand where Sekiro failed is to understand where Dark Souls Succeeded...

The first time I played Dark Souls 1, I was trying to understand how a game so difficult could be fun. I was young and Naive and used to playing games such as Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden with skills that revolved around smashing buttons while jumping around my enemies.... I decided to give Dark Souls a chance and persevered through the first 10 hours of the game.

After that period, I leveled up and learned to time my attacks/ roll and defend using my witts to fight enemies, and then it all became clear. All the games I had been playing before Dark Souls 1 were for idiots... mindless entertainment for the simple minded fools... I now understood what a true game was meant to look like..Dark souls was the closest experience I have ever gotten to what real life would have felt like..

Dark Souls causes an Adrenaline rush... Sekiro doesn't...

How I was supposed to feel playing Sekiro but didn't...

In Dark Souls..

  • I was constantly watching my back keeping a steady level of cortisol flowing through my body in case an enemy jumped from around the corner. I never felt invincible, i knew my place in the world.
  • One wrong move and I would be dead.. Anyone could kill me,.. Just like real life would have been...
  • I realized that mindless button smashing would get you killed.... This wasn't Devil May Cry where an overpowered demon hunter would slash his enemies 100x and finishing them in the air.. My finger spent more time leaning on the block and roll button than the attack button.
  • I felt like a mortal hero..who would have to become stronger through experience rather than game features.. (Thats why you see people finishing the soul series in underwear).
  • I had to discover the game , the story and its mechanics by myself without detailed cutscenes or clear instructions which is how real life would have been... I was a lost soul who bravely found its place in the world by using courage and a fearless attitude.
  • With every milestone I would feel proud of my skills.. I knew that my victory had nothing to do with luck... I became a souls adrenaline junky.. The way you beat enemies or bosses has little to do with equipement... You need to analyze and adapt as quickly as possible.

In Sekiro

Sekiro has none of these attributes... I was disapointed to see that Sekiro reverted back to a mindless button smasher with some Dark Souls-type game mechanics... In sekiro you feel like an immortal smashing buttons whilst parrying to do counter attacks.. You could probably just press attack and defend consecutively and beat any enemy.. The level ups and gear is meaningless and the whole open world concept is an illusion.. I looks like an open world from afar, but it is really just a linear path

If you want a weekend game, get Sekiro, if you want a Dark-Souls like experience, better buy NIOH which is what Sekiro should have been.....

Please note: NIOH (Is a Samurai/Japanese Dark Souls-like game on PS4 and PC)

When I saw the trailer for Sekiro, I said to myself... Amazing! A NIOH 2 clone is coming out.. I will get my seasonal adrenaline rush with this game.. only to find out that I bought an average game.. I was deeply disappoined.

Please don't buy this game, rent it, burrow it or download it for free from a torrent site, but don't waste your hard earned money during this recession....