Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Streets of Rage 2: Unlock Stage Select, extra lives, and extra difficulties in Options

    Hold Down, A and X (Default controller settings) and select Options as player 2 to access the stage select, extra lives, and extra difficulty options

    Contributed by: Cactuar 

  2. Achievements

    Used the special moves and attacks of every character in every game (hidden characters excluded). A Display of Strength
    Saved General "The Chief"Peterov single-handedly with Zan in Streets of Rage 3. A Hair's Breadth
    Defeated Bruce and freed Roo in Streets of Rage 3. A Kangaroo's Best Friend
    Defeated Round 5's Mona & Lisa single-handedly with Blaze in Streets of Rage. Beautiful, Yet Deadly
    Performed a recovery after being thrown in Streets of Rage. Cat-like Reflexes
    Defeated the clawed Souther in Round 2 single-handedly with Adam in Streets of Rage. Declawer (Part I)
    Defeated the clawed Zamza in Stage 3 single-handedly with Skate in Streets of Rage 2. Declawer (Part II)
    Threw an enemy in Streets of Rage. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
    Defeated Abadede in Stage 4 single-handedly with Max in Streets of Rage 2. Heavy-weight Champion
    Defeated Axel's imposter single-handedly with Axel in Streets of Rage 3. Imposters Need Not Apply
    Cleared every game. Syndicate Crusher
    Max leveled a blitz attack in Streets of Rage 3. Ultimate Power

    Contributed by: Guard Master