Very good, I recommend it

User Rating: 10 | Sega SuperStars PS2
This game is actually pretty sweet. You can play as sonic, getting all the chaos emeralds. You can be Night's getting the Ideya's, Samba De Amigo dancing to the music, Billy Hatcher trying to hatch more eggs, Aiai trying to get through areas in his monkey ball, and many, many more in this fantastic game. I say if you buy it, you wont wanna stop playing it as from all the games you can play, it is just fantastic. When you finish a game, you will be rewarded rings to raise a chao from sonic, and if you get the high score, you will get your picture taken to be remembered for all eternity, well, until it is beaten by someone else. These games will have you on end until the moment your hand goes over the camera saying "Please, it's so good by tiring, I'll play more of this fantastic game tomorrow." So buy this and you wont regret it.