It's eyetoy, but not as good

User Rating: 8.6 | Sega SuperStars PS2
Another eyetoy game! YAY! Sega characters are in it! OKAY! It's got no playroom! RIGHT! And no multiplayer! NO! This is the order of my comments when exploring this game. Sure it's eyetoy, that's made better with the combination of classic sega characters such as Sonic and the Virtua Fighter gang, but no playroom and no multiplayer saps it of all the joy, whats the point of looking stupid when nobody else is going to. The graphics are still pretty and nice making the newer games looking good. The problem with the games is that there are hardly any, and only a few are any good, the rest are unresponsive and confusing. The soundtrack is great, with classic eyetoy jingles mixed with old-skool sega nonsense. The lack of multiplayer has to be the biggest flaw though as eyetoy should be aimed at groups of friends and family. And seeing how the great fun of the playroom has been removing I can only see it fit as to give Sega Superstars are considerably smaller rating than the original.