one word: boring.

User Rating: 7.6 | Sega SuperStars PS2
This game has all these classic sega games made on the eye toy, most of it involves you just moving your hand and turning the character such as sonic the hedgehog or knights or super monkey ball. this game is a cheap gimmick. there are some decent games and good things in this game but there are too many bad things in this game for it to be a good one. This game has games as i mentioned above such as sonic the hedgehog and knights and monkey balls which arent that good but there are also some games such as crazy taxi. do you know you have to do on that game!? you have to try and catch a taxi which is SOO boring, you ahve to wave your arms around and scream to catch the taxis attention and even after that it doesnt come which is annoying. This game has good ones such as virtua fighter which is really good, especially how there is the ability to block their moves and attack them when they are weak and how you shouldnt hit a certain part of their bodies because there is a chance of them countering it but this is the only good game that comes to mind. There is also a chao garden which is all very boring and they dont do anything but stand there and yawn and sleep and be very useless, this game should be left alone, this game shouldnt be bought unless you crave eyetoy games. this game can be good the first time you play it but gets very boring very quick. there are better games out there.