If you have an EyeToy and you've played Sega games before, there is no reason to not have this game. Go and buy it now.

User Rating: 9.6 | Sega SuperStars PS2
Take some of Sega's coolest games, strip out the dull parts, add a full body control, and what do you get? The greatest anthology I have ever been graced with. Graphics: The graphics are solid and show all that this game has to offer, and many games have been improved since their ancestors (NiGHTS hasn't been seen since the Saturn). Sound: All sounds are in the right place and have the right fixings, plus they really pay tribute to the games' rightful places. Value: The lasting value of this game is boosted by the amount of games included, though these games seem to have only a few stages. I'd give this game 30 bucks, and keep it forever. Games included (the ones I've played): Super Monkey Ball: An instant classic. The control is hard, but it really holds true to this game's concept. The levels have their shine from the gamecube roots as well. 10/10 Sonic: This looks like a bonus/special level from one of the dreamcast games. The control isn't that bad, but the gameplay is a bit too limited. 7/10 Samba de Amigo: Once you get the grip of this game, it's wonderous. A little more song selection couldn't hurt though. 8/10 Billy Hatcher: A terrible control makes you scream. I have yet to get past the first level, but I can at least say that this game makes the Gamecube flop look a bit better. 6/10 Space Channel 5: An annoying style just doesn't catch me. I don't think many female gamers fell in love with this either. 6/10 House of the Dead: Let's see...now you've lost your gun, so you have to punch zombies? I understand the E rating for the overall game, so I'll cut some slack here. Still, the game just seems weak without the linear motion used in the normal light gun game. 6/10 NiGHTS: An amazing graphic improvement from a dead game, plus the fact that you can FLY, MOMMY I'M FLYING! WATCH ME NOW!!!!! 11/10 Crazy Taxi: What is going on here? I just don't get it... 1/10 Chu Chu Rocket: They just shouldn't have bothered putting this beautiful game into this bad environment. 3/10 Virtua Fighter: Not as glorious a fighting game as its original, but I didn't like the original much anyway. 7/10 I haven't played the other ones. Overall: Amazing, but they could have added just a little more. An extra level, maybe some alterations to the Sonic game, and a Virtual-On game would have been lovely. Maybe Amazing Island would have been good here.