Fun party game

User Rating: 9.2 | Sega Soccer Slam GC
Sega Soccer Slam is a good game if you want to just screw around with your friends for about an hour or so. It's pretty easy to play, but it does take some more time to master. Saying this, you should be able to master it in about an hour, if not less.

Basically it's soccer. You have three people per team (and a goalie, but you can't play as him), and you play soccer. Of course it's all fantasy football type soccer, so the teams are cartoons and basically stereotypes of their home counties. The teams hail from most everywhere, and it is simple to find a character you like to play with.

The main drive to this game is its multiplayer. You can have up to four people play, but the best is just three, and then just control a team versus the computer's. This will give you a good way to learn the game as well as a fun time playing. In the single player 'career' mode you can buy items for your players to increase their stats in certain areas. I assume that in the expedition muti-player all your characters have these items and stats already, hence you not having to buy any.

Graphics- Good. The graphics are pretty good, and will add to the idea that this isn't to be taken very seriously. I think that is a good idea, for this game can be then played when you are feeling frustrated with other games you have played, and can just kick back and screw around for a few games of soccer.

Sound- Sound is also pretty good, the anouncer can become quite irritating, but that's to be expected. Other than that, the crowd and other sounds are pretty cool.

Playability- As I said earlier, the game is pretty easy to play, and each time you start a match it shows you the controls again incase you missed it. There are a few other things to master, like finding the 'sweet spot' that will have your character shoot a much better shot than normal. This is the spotlight thing that shines onto the feild. Then there are high kicks and other such things as well. But I'll let you figure those out.

Replayability- As all multi-player games go, there is a great factor for replayability. But if you are alone, I guess that going through the game with each team adds a certain replay factor that I should also tell you about. But both of these are no brainers.