Not your typical soccer game and not your typical players.

User Rating: 8.6 | Sega Soccer Slam GC
The way I review games is not by writing extremely long and in depth reviews because I used to write some pretty long reviews but they were demolished by Gamespot so know the way I review games is simple. I will write a little comment on the Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Value of the game, which is then followed by a conclusion at the end. My name is Edge-o-Matic and this is my review.

edge-o-matic's review of SEGA SOCCER SLAM for the nintendo gamecube

Gameplay - Fantastic gameplay. The gameplay is executed very well and is the greatest feature of this game. It provides enough of a challange, the controls are perfect for the console and everything about the gameplay is magnificently done.

Graphics - Pretty impressive graphics. Nice and clean and once again have made the most of the Gamecube's strong points.

Sound - Very impressive commentary. Very funny at times and surprisingly it isn't TOO repetitive. The characters talking after goals, before games etc. is also very well done but after you have heard one, you've heard them all.

Value - There are alot of Gameplay options which can keep you occupied for a long time.

Conclusion - A very fun and addictive game. A great idea and the best arcade style soccer game I have ever played. I personally think the Gamecube version of the game is the best one.

That was a review by Edge-o-Matic and I hope you found it useful.