Sega Soccer Slam puts away the rules and sums up all The enjoyment of what an arcadish soccer game can deliver.

User Rating: 7.8 | Sega Soccer Slam GC
I am not a big fan of Soccer. Always thought it's about 20 men who are chasing after a ball in one big field and trying to kick it through each other gate in order to score.

In Sega Soccer Slam the world of Soccer is a whole lot different. There are 3 players on each team the field is small and there are no leading rules - every thing goes! from punching and kicking to stealing using dirty tricks.

There are unlock ables such as : Courts, Team Power ups and art images.
The Narrator's voice is the same and is not changeable. The Story mode is pretty short but after you get tired of it you can always gathers up more 3 friends and play against one another.

Do not miss out on Sega Soccer Slam even if you're not a sport fan. Sorry, Especially if you're not a sport fan!