Sega Smash Pack Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Ecco the Dolphin - Cheat Menu

    Effect Effect
    Right, B, R, B, R, Down, R, Up (turn Ecco, then pause when he faces the center) Cheat Menu

    Contributed by: mosaic 

  2. Ecco The Dolphin - Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    NWBYCXGW City of Forever
    ?STNNTPY City of Forever 2
    YC.?CXGQ Cold Water
    VFCRKTGK Dark Water
    GZPTFXG- Deep City
    KSWKCXGV Deep Water
    RFXPCXGV Hard Water
    .YNTCXGS Ice Zone
    HSXPBXGX Island Zone
    TKGTGTGQ Jurassic Beach
    RKIVVHCC Lagoon
    DLHSTQPT Last Fight
    NX:KFXGJ Library
    R.GGFXGY Marble Sea
    W-QBCXG- Open Ocean
    TS-K.WGC Open Ocean 2
    LR:LGTG: Origin Beach
    F?TXGTGF Pteranodon Pond
    RTGCXGB Ridge Water
    DBBXVQPK Stomach
    X-WQGTGT Trilobite Circle
    BV?!TQPY Tube
    HYNCSRDQ Undercaves
    XPRMMZBD Vents
    BTWJVQP. Welcome to the Machine

    Contributed by: dolphingirl 

  3. Sonic Spinball - Codes

    Effect Effect
    L, Down, R, Down, A, Down, L, R, Up, L, A, Up, R, A, Up, then hold button pertaining to level (2 - L, 3 - R, 4 - A) (on Options Level Select
    A, Up, R, Up, L, Up, A, R, Down, A, L, Down, R, L, Down (on Options menu) View Credits

    Contributed by: mikaa, WillDay 

  4. Golden Axe - Codes

    Effect Effect
    Hold Down/Left + B, press Start (on character select screen, Arcade Mode) Level Select (alter number in upper-left corner)
    Hold Down/Left + A + R, release all, then press Start (Arcade Mode) Nine Continues

    Contributed by: megabassxz 

  5. Sonic Spinball Multiball Stage

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect Every Ring in a Stage Multi-ball Stage

    Contributed by: Saiyan Pezhead