A fun game that should be considered to be added to your collection...

User Rating: 8.5 | Seek and Destroy PS2
A fun game that should be considered to be added to your collection, ok so the graphics are not the best, and the sound can be so-so but this is made up by its awesome game play. In the game you start off as a normal tank, but as you get gold you can buy weapons and upgrades. Weapons include Machine guns, rocket launchers, even lasers, there is over 100 customize-able choices! I haven't noticed any major glitches in the game the many times I played. I also like the wide choice of tanks to choose from, from M1A1 Abrams to Churchill MK2 there is over 100 tanks, some may look similar, but there is many types that look different too. The graphics are ok, they kinda remind me of cartoon almost, but the tanks are nicely detailed and the environment is basic. The sound is ok too, you got your basic gunshots and wheels rolling, but i find the best engine to be annoying because how loud and consistent it is, so the sound is so-so.

So if you want a good vehicle combat game, and you like creativity and can mind the graphics and sound, you got yourself a great addicting game here.