At first the game looks bad due to the PS1 quality graphics/sound however the gameplay is amazing.

User Rating: 8 | Seek and Destroy PS2
As said the graphics are just bad. They are fairly pixelated and there is little detail on the battlefield. On the other hand, the team did amazing job on everything else. I will first start off by what the game allows you to do. It allows you to choose tanks. Each tank can mount certain weapons. Each tank weights specific weight. Each tank has a certain limit of weight in upgrades you can throw onto it before it begins to suffer in mobility. This brings us to upgrading. With each mission you get gold. You use this gold to buy a WIDE variety of upgrades. From different types of cannons for your main gun, heavier armor to improve durability and power to tracks, bigger engine, radar, and even a computer to help you autoaim your main gun and auxiliary guns. The entire game has very little menus. Matter of fact once you start the game you do everything else while in game. To upgrade your tank you dont use a menu to get upgrades, you physically have to drive your tank to the shop while in the game. Shops are available in cities you've taken over from the enemy. There are a lot more things to do in the cities than just upgrade your tank. There are arenas you can do and battle 1vs1 with another (cpu) tank from the obvious do the death death match to racing the other tank in a speed race to the finish. Obviously you'd have to setup the tank as a light weight for a speed race while you want it armed as possible for a death match. As i said if one could get past the low quality graphics he/she will love the rest of the game.