I've had fun playing this.

User Rating: 7.5 | Seek and Destroy PS2
This game is just a fun game to play, no flashy graphics or an intense story, but just plain fun. Playing this game will surely entertain you, as it has for me, starting with a low-life-nothing-special-tank, and later building it on with over-the-top-weapons as a huge laser that comes falling from the sky, huge missiles and chainsaws on both sides of your tank gives a great feeling of improvement. You get money for doing missions and fighting with another tank in an arena or doing special objectives in an arena, like racing an opponent while shooting various objects, and with the money you get to buy the new weapons. Later on you get to battle in the air and on the sea with special parts. This game has entertained me greatly and I'm sure it will entertain you too, with it's low price, this just stands up to the job.