Don't let the dated graphics stop you from taking this simple, easy tank battle to the war field.

User Rating: 7.5 | Seek and Destroy PS2
(+) lighthearted approach to military great for casual gamers; some decent versus multiplayer modes; different weapons and abilities to unlock and use

(-) not a lot of depth; graphics are extremely dated

Seek and Destory is a simplified and rather innocent portrayal of a military game. If you subtract the bloody screams and the earth shattering explosions, you have a game that is simply driving a tank and destroying enemy tanks. While that may not cut it for people who want to go the deepest they can into the battle field, this is certainly worth a look for especially younger gamers as well as people who want to have some mindless fun.

You have a one player mission mode where you take on a series of missions involving defeating enemy tanks, then finding the red flag as well as other requirements. Sometimes its a little difficult at first to pick up on the game's directions, but for the most part most of the missions aren't that difficult. While not taking on missions you also have the option to roam through different towns where you can buy new weapons, customize the look of your tank, and battle in the arena. You unlock more cities as you progress through the game.

You also have a two player option where you and a friend can battle it out with either a tank from your one player mode or a series of tanks by default. There are various maps, with water, attack turrets, buildings, and more. As well as a generous set of options for weapons and other equipments for your tank, which includes speed boosters and the ability to fly. These battles are quite fun as long as nobody takes the action too seriously, otherwise you'll find the experience underwhelming.

But where the game can easily turn most people off is with its presentation. If have to admit that the graphics are pretty dated. The tanks are very simple looking and easily seen through their polygon roots, and the environments are colorful but lack much detail. You'd be better off pretending this is a PS1 game, and if you can do that you can enjoy the other features that this game has to offer. But again, this game is mostly for either the younger audience or casual gamers.

A bargain ben purchase would be great for getting this game and seeing for yourself what it has to offer, but you need to know what you're getting yourself into before hand. Don't expect a deep-to-the-root energetic and chaotic war simulator, because you're not going to be getting that. Also don't expect a game that makes use of all the Playstation 2's graphical capabilities. Just expect an easy going, cheerful, simple tank hunter for casual or younger audiences and this game will have quite a lot to offer.