not very graphic or dramatic but worth playing..

User Rating: 7.9 | Seek and Destroy PS2
seek and destroy is a war that has talking tanks in it when we know that we all start to think this game is stupid but its not. yes talking tanks does kind of screw up the game but at the same time it does not i mean its not every game you see talking vehicles in it is it? this game had some great stuff and some bad stuff as much as the bad stuff were it still got to be a average fun game if you like war games and love starting out with a character in this case a tank and going through the game and seeing him get stronger and stronger as you upgrade him and buy him stuff this might just be a good game for you its not so much fun to own it well it is but you can beat it in 3 days not so long if you aks me i beat it in 3 days. but yeah if you give this gamea chance it is pretty rewarding.