This game sucks!

User Rating: 1.1 | Seek and Destroy PS2
This was one of my first PS2 games and probably my worst. I am glad I got $1.50 for this toilet-filth-of-a-game. You have tanks engaging in a war that has no storyline except destroy enemy tanks and complete boring, or near impossible missions. The controls have nearly no response and it seems like a mission objective to just turn around your main cannon around and fire at a tank that is ten times stronger than your own. You may get a crap load of tank selections before missions, but that doesn't save the game from the fact that none of the tanks are different. They all have the same boring fire power and you can't really expect much of a great time while blowing away cheaply graphiced tanks. What is the storyline behind this whole thing? I had no idea. Also, you are accompanied by allies in most missions, but for some reason, they think that everyone's an enemy. I got killed 3 times the first mission by my own retarded ally. Soon, your tank battles will take to space where your tanks have rocket boosters and wings to fly around, but in logic, something that weighs tons like a tank is impossible to be lifted with anykind of flying devise. The graphics look like crap and the supposed voice acting is enough for you to cut your ears off with a scythe, but don't worry, playing this game is painful enough. Save yourself $5.00 and go and buy something for Burger King, because even a Burger King Kid's meal has more class than this rotten-to-the-core game.