Cutesy tank game commits horrific crimes.

User Rating: 3 | Seek and Destroy PS2
* Er...

* Graphics are functional but unimaginative
* Music is generic and dull
* Sound effects are minimal
* No gauges to tell you where you're aiming
* No new ideas
* Really boring

How a game greets you after turning it on is not usually the place to start looking for hints of developer ability. However "Seek and Destroy" hits you with it straight away in the form of Star Wars-esque scrolling text, the lines of which don't fit in the screen and can't be read until they're further away.
What i should've done after noticing this is reset the Playstation and put in something that wouldn't completely waste my evening. I ignored the warning and dived into the game.

After a brief exchange of text conversation, you're away. The first directive you're given is to "Go left", so i did so and found some tanks to shoot. Actually that's not completely accurate. I was given my order then i cursed as turning my tank did not turn the camera, it was fixed in one direction and i couldn't see what was to the left.
This was easily remedied by switching to the "Type II" option in the pause menu which fixes the camera to the direction your turret is facing, but it's a head-scratcher as to why this wasn't the default setting.

So i changed the camera controls and went left where i found some enemy tanks. I assumed they were enemies because they had black flags as opposed to the blue flag of the tanks i started in amongst. Killing these 4 or 5 was easy and the mission was over.
I then got plonked on a large land-map to choose which town i wanted to go to next. You cannot scroll or rotate this map to see what's around, you have to drive to wherever you think there may be something on the big flat featureless isle.
If you drive to a town with a blue flag then you can enter it and go talk to other tanks there, or visit your garage or the shop.
If you drive to a town with a black flag, then you attack it and enter into the next mission.
Mission 2 took place in a much larger area and this is where you discover another of the lazily-programmed features the game possesses: You have no way of being able to tell what angle your turret is at. There aren't any cross-hairs and there isn't a pitch-indicator, the only way you can tell how high/low you're aiming is by firing a shell and seeing how far away it lands. Also there's no compass so you'd better be paying attention when you're shown a snapshot of where the enemy are, though it's hard to find any memorable areas when the landscape is flat and featureless.

After visiting the shop, i assumed i'd bought some extras to help with a few of the absent features, namely a radar and a lock-on function. Nothing in-game changed, it appears you get conned in the shops in this fictional world.

I battled on, feeling that i should give the game an opportunity to wow me with some ideas it had buried within. I was to be disappointed.. that's not true; i wasn't surprised that it didn't have any new tricks.
There was a boss battle which came and went, and then there was another mission where i had to destroy an HQ. Only problem was the slight incline leading up to the building's compound was too steep for my tank. It wasn't even 45 degrees, yet i'd get halfway up and then bump and slide back down again.

That's when i gave up on "Seek and Destroy".
It's not the ambitious-but-rubbish kind of bad, it's the painfully dull and boring kind of bad. It's not like the developers have tried something new and gotten it so horrifically wrong that game is broken, they haven't tried anything.
No risks, no intriguing new features, just a by-the-numbers tank game with as many corners cut as possible.
Being sick is more interesting.