Is this the next Street Cleaner Simulator 2012?!

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Why doesn't this game have more posts on here. GOTY quality

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Maybe we serious gamers think that the industry has hit an all time low or we are being set up for an April Fool's joke.

Sic volvre Parcas " so spin the Fates"

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Instead of driving a street cleaner in this game YOU are the street cleaner!
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Actually, more the token male sent to gain enough polarity with any of the women at the beachhiuse, wit a model as the main goal. More a puzzle cad game than anything else, and if it gets you warm under the collar, perhaps it's time to enter Gaming Rehab.
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Well Autodesk is the new Playboy.

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I do not understan why people make that sort of games? This is total **** all the way!!!
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when I saw this on the top 10 list.... but... I just dont know if anything can surpass the greatness that is street cleanian simulator..