Prejudice is as mediocre as shooters come, but offers a few interesting ideas to keep you playing for a while.

User Rating: 7.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
The Good: Different ammo types add strategy, jetpacks add a tactical layer, there is a campaign this time around

The Bad: Albeit a campaign that isn't interesting, clumsy vehicle controls, generic sci-fi feeling, no one is playing online

The first game was an online only shooter that barely passed as mediocre and was quickly lost and forgotten. Prejudice is almost the same game, but with a campaign and some new additions. Fans of the first game should pick this up right away, but don't expect to play online (more on that later). The story is dull and typical with uninteresting characters. Something about a man-made race of humans that are the perfect soldiers rebel and try to kill us all and you are tasked at killing their leader. The point of the campaign is just to get you warmed up to multiplayer with vehicles, weapons, and loadouts.

The shooting is good and solid and feels like a bit of Halo and Mass Effect thrown in. The sci-fi vibe with energy type weapons sure feels like Halo while the loadouts with various ammo types feels like Mass Effect. You get seven different types of weapons ranging from shotguns to rocket launchers, but the ammo types vary from different armor and shield damage, structure and vehicle damage, and some ammo types even damage over time. You really need to pick the right weapons for the enemies you're killing so there is some strategy involved. Every so often you get a freebie lock-on that I found pretty useless, but is useful in multiplayer.

Th whole game is based on shield damage than armor damage, so this is why choosing the right weapons are important. You can use jetpacks which make the game more interesting and adds aerial combat. This prevents people from hiding behind something and staying there. You can go in for close knife kills known as fatalities (nice try guys), but no matter what the game has it feels "been there, done that" throughout. The vehicles and mechs are a nice addition, but they don't pack the punch you expect and are cumbersome to control, especially tanks.

With all that said you get mediocre graphics using the Unreal Engine 3, and an online mode that is completely dead. Not a single person is playing this so you have to result to LAN. It's a pity that this game died so quickly, but there are just bigger and better shooters out there, so you should only pick this up if you are craving a shooter and have nothing to play. What is here is a decent shooter with interesting weapons, jetpacks, and a nice sci-fi vibe. Nothing more, nothing less.