While the singleplayer isn't the greatest thing in the world, this game delivers a hard hitting multiplayer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
While Section 8's single player isn't very inspiring with its not so good dialogue and lack of depth to its characters, and isn't really the reason you should be buying this game, its price tag is just right for a very enthralling multiplayer. The game's multiplayer is a sci-fi type game where you play as a man in a battle suit, you spawn by picking your spawn location on a map and you drop from a ship in orbit, this spawn system acts as a decent respawn timer, and to keep you from spawning anywhere you want, players can call down anti-air turrets on the ground that cover a decent area of the map so you can't land there without the proper perks.
Vehicles, while not extensive, are fun and different, from a mech you can stomp around in to a fast bike with rocket launchers, these keep the battles exciting along with the numerous unique features this game has such as jet packs and, after sprinting for a period of time you go into an overcharge mode where you run at high speeds and can damage other players when you run into them. As games progress and you complete objects and kill other players, you earn money, which you use to spend on vehicles and place-able turrets such as anti air turrets for landing players and sentry turrets / missile batteries for vehicles and grounded players.
The health system is a regenerating system we see in most shooters these days, you have a shield bar and a health bar, but these can be brought down quickly with a good class combination, and these can also be improved by picking your perks, which are fully customized out of 10 perk points, perks in the game are things like bullet damage; accuracy, reduced recoil and bullet damage are also in 1 perk alone. Armor capacity and shield capacity are also both perks, and much more.
Gun-play is very rewarding when you kill someone, although there is a lock on system, the lock on system is fair for when you want to finish off someone who has little to no health with a sniper rifle, the lock on system lets you do just that by letting you lock on to them for a couple of seconds to finish off a player that should be dead but is avoiding your bullets via jet pack. There are also bullet types in this game that work better on shields and vs armor, so picking which one you want is a good way to add depth to classes and making you change your class often throughout the game to adapt to various player's load outs.
All in all this is a very solid multiplayer game for PC that I highly encourage everyone to try out, you can play against bots or find a server online, and for the price tag its a good buy, there aren't many sci-fi action shooters on the PC, and this one definitely delivers what we've needed.