This game is really versatile. The multiplayer is very fun. It's replaced Team Fortress 2 for me.

User Rating: 9 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
This game has replaced Team Fortress 2 for me. I love the futuristic setting. The campaign is so so. It was more of a training mission for me. The multiplayer is where the real fun is. There are mini missions. So imagine having a capture point map and while you are defending the points, you also have to escort a VIP from one point on the map to another. These mini missions take place throughout the multiplayer game adding variety to the play.

You can customize 6 loadouts (think equipment settings). These loadouts include different weapons and ammo types, equipment like scanners or repair tools, and also technology. You earn tech points as you level and not only unlock different weapons, ammo, and equipment but you get to spend points on different technologies. This allows you to really customize your playing style. You might use one loadout when dropping in on a capture point and another while sniping. Dropping in from the sky and landing like Iron Man has a real powerful feel to it. Oh and you can crush your opponents this way as well ;)

The pricing strategy was confusing. It's only $15. You can't buy an awesome game for $15 can you? YES YOU CAN. BUY IT NOW!!

I really look forward to the developing community around this game.