User Rating: 8.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
Ok so yeah, Section 8 Prejudice, while not an epic revolutionary masterpiece, is an EXCELLENT combination of several classic multiplayer games. I think the big reviewers low scores are completely unfair, especially when compared to most user reviews and other independent reviewers. Here's why:

This game has so many elements from so many other games it's simply impressive, if not a little overly ambitious. From earning money through performance and buying deployables or special attacks on the go to jetpacks and sprints, to a leveling exp system and character customization to a fast paced run and gun style similar to Unreal Tournament and a feel that is very Tribes-esque to a combination of classes and items which rival just goes on. It's also very reminiscent of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, an excellent under the radar cross console multiplayer game (which generally had great reviews) that unfortunately just didn't pick up. One could argue that what makes S8P unique isn't an individual feature, it's the combination of so many other tried-and-true individual features.

The spawn feature is also really cool, similar to the Battlefront games where you can choose certain areas to spawn (anywhere really, just don't drop in range of enemy flak cannons). And, as I'm sure you know, what makes it so much better than the rest is how you drop in from space. When you get low enough you can "brake" and it allows you to drift any direction to get a more precise landing. You can crush people and vehicles with it too. And then there's the vehicles...I mean, ok yeah they're a little awkward, but hardly moreso than anything from the Battlefield or UT games. Not to mention you get to kick ass with a mini mech, probably the best vehicle and not at all hard to control, which can actually grab people and rip them apart. Awesome.

Also....for those of you who rated this game so low because of it's miserable single do you live with yourselves? This is not a single player game. I repeat in caps THIS IS NOT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME. Just like the UT and Tribes games, they threw in a single player as more of a training and prep for multiplayer. That's so unfair to give this game a 4.0 like one user did because the single player sucked. WTF?? Turn those bots up to the highest difficulty if it's not enough. If you don't want to face other people, then they have Swarm mode which is just like Halo's firefight or Nazi Zombies where it's just wave of endless enemies, can be played online, and it's a lot of fun.

Now, taking in all of what I just said, and maybe even starting to give this game a second thought, here is the absolute best part about it.......IT'S ONLY $15!!! I don't care who you work for, if you don't think this is a great FPS for only $15, with free online access (PC at least), plenty of national servers, and all the previously mentioned details, then you did something wrong. If you buy this game (for $15) and expect it to change you and your family's lives, then yeah expect to be pissed and give it an underserved 4.0-7.5 score. If you realize it's only $15 and offers plenty of the goods that are in other $40+ shooters with monthly subscription fees then I absolutely recommend this game.

PS An edit I wanted to add after reading mooch35's review is that you lie and your computer has something wrong. I have everything maxed out and turned on and run at about 60 FPS. Your first problem was expecting another Tribes game. As for the only use it in jetpack combat. Otherwise it's near impossible to fly and shoot accurately. If you spent all your time trying to master that it would defeat so many other intents. You can't kill a full health enemy in 4 seconds with the auto-aim, so if you use it to soon, all the enemy has to do is jetpack up and lock on to you. Definitely an elitist review, as this game DOES NOT deserve a 4.5. I'll show you some 4.5 games. Definitely take his review with several grains of salt.