Tribes lovers - forget it

User Rating: 4.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
I gotta say, I was pretty pumped about this game when I heard about it. I figured it was a console port, but never to this degree. Where to begin.... Here's some issues I had with it:

- Game is obviously designed for consoles so that should have been a red flag right there

- Graphics are half decent so I figured it should run great on my rig. It didn't....
* Anti-aliasing....What Anti-aliasing??
* Looks okay in the trailers but in-game it looks like garbage.
* I set the graphics on medium and was only getting about 24 fps. Poorly optimized. I can run BC2 all maxed just fine.

- Controls are terrible! I'm surprised companies get away with this. Toggle crouch is the only way to crouch?! Give me a break, people!!

- Storyline seems boring and the characters look straight ahead when they're talking. Never do they're eyes or head turn towards your character

- They have a mode called "LOCK ON" which you all may know it by it's other name "AUTO-AIM" for roughly 5 seconds. Where's the skill in that?!

- Windows Live (Don't even get me started on that BS)

I really thought this was going to mimic the Tribes series pretty well but it failed and boy did it fail hard. I've never bought a game and just not finished it, but there's a first for everything. I would not recommend this game for anyone who likes true FPS games that require some skill. Auto-aim is for console kiddies who can't aim worth sh*t.