ok, ps2 version only in japan... but...

User Rating: 5 | Seaman: Kindan no Pet: Gaze Hakushi no Jikken Shima PS2
i just bought this game off ebay from japan! cause i diddnt have a dreamcast... i diddnt realize that my US pst cant play Japan games.

So i went out, and i bought a dreamcast, and a controller...

i now have to buy sea-man again for the dreamcast, so i did!

Great, i have it now for dreamcast... but it sucks! i mean i hate it!

So now im thinking of just going out and buying action replay for ps2, and then useing the region thingy on it, to play the game that i got for ps2 from japan.

But will the fish understand english in this japan version!?!?!?!

i'll repeat that cause its the main point!

" Will the fish understand english in the japan version???????"