Seaman is a game where you talk to a fish with a human head.

User Rating: 9 | Seaman (w/Microphone and VMU) DC
Like I said, Seaman is a game where you talk to a fish with a human head.

If that doesn't already sound a tiny bit awesome, you may want to stop reading here.Then again, you've already come this far, you may as well keep reading, because:

Leonard Nimoy narrates the game.

Okay, so if you still have mixed feelings, then you might not actually understand anything about what IS awesome, but that's okay. Seaman will teach you what is awesome.

Seaman is an evolving fish-creature with a human head. You engage in conversations with him,while taking care of him in real-time, every single day of your life. Seaman asks you many questions and you respond to these questions (and can ask your own) using the Dreamcast Microphone. You may at some point start to feel very attached to Seaman. Do not worry. This is a good thing. Embrace Seaman. Let your love for Seaman flow and in return, Seaman will love you.

IF, for some reason, you're still reading this and you're thinking "durr, that sounds a stupid" then YOU, are in fact stupid. You have my full permission to commit suicide now. The world would be a better place without you and your kind taking up all the oxygen and elbow room. It's people like you that ruin everything for everyone ever.

If you aren't one of those people, then I wish you good luck finding this gem. I will sell you my copy for $100... and your first-born.