Seaman is a great idea for a virtual pet,but some things about it make it boring.

User Rating: 7.3 | Seaman (w/Microphone and VMU) DC
For virtual pet games these days,you have Nintendogs,Petz,Neopets,ect. However,Seaman has something different: Your pet actually talks,and not in text. So,if you like talking fish,than you'll like Seaman.
Basically,Seaman is a "manfish" as I call it. He is a fish but his face looks like a mans face. The game calls these fish "gillman". When you start the game,you will first have to prepare the fish tank which is where Seaman will live. You do this by heating up the water and cleaning the water. After that,you place a seaman egg into the tank and after a few minutes,the egg hatches and these sperm-like things pop out (or mushroomers as the game calles them). You will first notice the weirdness of this game when this ugly,one-eyed creature pops out of a shell and eats the mushroomers,and then after it consumes them and moves around a bit,the gillman pop out. This is very weird,but then again Seaman is a weird game.
Graphically,the game is so-so. The water that seaman swims in looks crystal clear,except when it's dirty,and it sorta looks like he's swimming through air. However,there are water effects like bubbles and ripples. Seaman himself looks like a real fish,except for the baby seaman which are sorta see-through. Seaman has visual expressions on his face based on his mood,so this gives more human traits to Seaman,which is a good thing since he's a "manfish".
The sounds of the game are good. You can hear bubbles bubbling in the tank,and you can hear water splashing when you drop something in the tank. But thats basically all the main sound effects you hear while at the tank. When Seaman matures he talks,and his speech is clear and very understandable to me. He doesn't talk fast so its easy to hear his words. Speaking of words,the game comes with a mic to talk to seaman. He only understands certain words like "Hi" or "Play" while he's young,but he starts to understand short phrases when he matures,but these are very limited. Seaman will actually start to have ongoing converstations with you,asking you personal questions. While this can give you a true virtual friend,your real friends may make fun of you when they find out you talk to a virtual fish on a TV screen. But it's still fun and entertaining.
Your basic cares for Seaman are feeding him,cleaning his tank,and making sure he has a good oxygen supply and water temp. When you start,the game gives you some food pellets to feed the babies. Seaman is supposed to tell you where to get more food when he matures,but I ran into a bug once where he didn't tell me and he died because of it. But this only happened once.
So,Seaman is a good virtual pet but it can get boring. After you feed the babies and say a few words to them,there really isn't anything else to do. Same when he matures. Also,its best to check on seaman daily to replenish his air,water temp,and food. But even if you check on him every morning,the next day he will always have low air and heat. So,Seaman is a good idea but they could of fixed a few things and made a few things better.
It can also start to get repetetive as you continue to feed and clean him daily. If you don't come to care for him in about 5-7 days,he'll die. So,be sure you're able to care for him before you get this game. If so,then you'll probably like caring for Seaman,for a while.