Sea Dogs Cheats For PC

  1. Enter Game Editor

    Access the Sea Dogs program files(via your harddrive,not the game),and open up a notepad file entitled "ENGINE".Change the line that says CORE_MODULE core to CORE_MODULE tools_launcher

    Save the file,and then go into the game.The game editor will appear.

    Remember to make a backup copy of the file before doing this.

    Contributed by: AdamLazaruso 

  2. Codes

    Bring up the console window and then enter the following code

    Effect Effect
    now i flying Control over camera (use ctrl+f)
    have life Full Repairs
    deneg day Get Rich Quick
    get me magic More Cannon Damage
    expu mne More EXP
    make screen shots No Cannon Damage
    fire from camera Press 0 on the keypad to fire from the camera
    teleport Teleport (use ctrl+L)

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, th3l3fty 

  3. Enter Cheat Mode

    Enter this only when at sea,and only when using the default keyboard controls.Then enter,one of the cheats.

    Effect Effect
    CTRL + Z simultaneously. Enter cheat mode.

    Contributed by: AdamLazaruso 

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