All the recent Mobile Suit Gundam series in 1 game? Not bad.

User Rating: 8 | SD Gundam G Generation Wars PS2
Note: I bought this game in japanese. This game is a simulation role playing game so what i can only say is that i know many of this Mobile Suit Gundam series and i have lot's of experience playing Super Robot Taisen games without even knowing the story. I just get some info's how to play this at There are no US release for this game for so many reasons. But let's just wait and see if that happens.

Story - You can start by choosing which Mobile Suit Gundam main character you like to be a master pilot in your group but as you finished a story path you can choose another one again. So as i said at the note. There are many Mobile Suit Gundam series in this game. You will take each story path in every gundam series and you can choose which series to start. I may not understand the japanese text but if your a gundam anime fan you can understand what are they doing. But there are some series that i don't. So i just skip that part then go to battle hahah.

Original Characters - Upon choosing a master pilot you start with many original characters. As this original characters have original mobile suits from the game as well. The original characters have no story plot. They just help you in battle and they are pretty good use. Some of them can be bought from the shop.

Gameplay - It's pretty much the same gameplay like super robot wars or any other simulation role playing game out their like fire emblem, front mission etc. Before going to battle you can start your own group by setting your warship then putting your units, pilot's and one master pilot. You can buy pilot's item's and mobile suit from the shop. Item's in the game is called OP parts(Optional Parts). You can equip the OP in the mobile suit for upgrades like some OP Parts have bonus for unit stats and some are healing items that you can use in battle.

Now into battle you choose 2 warships with units and pliots that you set by launching them to fight the other mobile suit enemy. It's a turn by turn battle just like i said in any SRPG's. The enemy can counter if you attack them and you can also do a counter if they attack your unit. If you kill some unit you have a chance for another move. sounds great but there is a limit like only you can do it 3 times if you kill the enemy with one hit that is.

One thing is great about this mobile suits is they can become hyper mode if you kill to many units then your tension gage will rise to activate the hyper mode which will deal a great damage.

Wars Break - The wars break system is a good addition to the game, some characters from every series will appear and fight your units in different stages.

Gundams - Every mobile suit in this game needs to be taken care of because if they explode it will be gone forever and the level of course. There are many ways to obtain a mobile suit by evolving your unit for a certain level that requires a money as well. You can gain money by clearing a stage or defeating some enemy units. You can also combine different mobile suits to obtain a new one or capture a unit.

Graphics - The 2D sprites in this game is well made. The transition animations are very smooth, units don't stand still while defending, evading, and being damaged by beam shots. The CG are awesome that's all i can say

Music - The music is really nice for every OST in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. It's very comfortable while listening to every character's respective music.

Overall - This is the best G Generation series to date! For all gundam fans out there i can be sure that you will love this game. Even in japanese you can play this game easily by looking for some information how to play it. It has a lot to offer.