This game is awesome. All fun. But, if you're an impatient person, rent it first.

User Rating: 10 | Scribblenauts DS
I love it. It's creative, highly original, and ingenious.

However, the downside for most is that it's the controls. However, the controls are tolerable for me, since I'm a very tolerable person when it comes to video games. When the controls mess up, it's funny to see me fail. But I have fun trying again, correcting my mistakes and moving on.

Since people say the controls are so bad they ruin the game, I assume they are a bit impatient with games. If you are impatient with games, please, follow my advice to rent it first, and then debate on whether to buy it or not.

It's highly addictive. When you get to the first level, it makes you curious about whether or not the game is good. Just keep playing, and surely, you'll love it.

The music is cute, so is the main character, Maxwell. Based on the art and box cover, Maxwell uses a pen and pad to sketch out ways to get his prized possession, a starite, which is basically the prize. It's sort of like when Mario gets his stars, from accomplishing or killing the monster, or completing a task at the end of the level, if you know about the N64 Super Mario game. But, Scribblenauts is more creative.

For me, it's the action levels I have trouble on. But I have my ways of getting around that. By really activating my right brain. The key for me is little distraction, a dictionary, and a humble, quiet environment, so I can think more deeply in the game.

Well, I hope you will got good a view of if you should really take ownership in this game. Just remember:

-When playing the game, it's good to be in an environment with little distraction.
-If you are an impatient person, get a rating from a friend, but I highly recommend you rent it for a little while, get to know it yourself, and then if you are tolerant with the controls, and want to keep it, buy it.
-This game is great for creative thinkers, and puzzle solvers. If you are either, take strong consideration in this game.
-If you suddenly lose ALL interest in the game, and don't want it, let others play it, who can't afford the full price. I'm sure they'd thank you for it.
-Please, if you get this game, take this review as a little guide.

I hope you enjoy my review, and take it as helpful as possible! Thanks for reading.