good idea but not that great...

User Rating: 7 | Scribblenauts DS
When i first played this game i thought it was really fun but it sometimes got repetitive its one of those games when you first get it its fun but then gets boring. But the worst thing about this game is the controls! OMG it gets so crowded in some parts that is hard to attach a rope to a item you want. I might be judging this game a little to harshly. Here's the upsides its really creative, playing on the title screen is really fun you can do whatever you want with no objective.
the level maker is really nice however you can only use rooms/areas from levels you beat. One more upside you don't need to use normal things like why would you ride in car when you can ride with winged shows on, or use a flame sword instead of a regular sword. Now there are one real cheap way to beat certain level lets say you need to get somewhere to get a starite type in handcuffs attach them to the starite type in vending machine put the handcuffs with the starite in the vending machine bring it over to you unload the vending machine then there you got the starite. So the bottom line this is a ok game.
You may or may not want to get this.