Game of the Year turns into Blunder of the Year!!

User Rating: 6.5 | Scribblenauts DS
The Hype this game was getting was crazy. I saw some videos and was stoked for it. There were threads saying how great it will be. Unions were forming about it and then nothing... nobody talked about it. It completely sucked! The controls make the game frustrating. The graphics were nothing special. It could only limit a couple things on the screen at a time. It just left fans wanting something more.
now for the normal munchlax99 review!

Idea 9.5/10
The game lets gamers type in things they can use to complete puzzles and missions.

Controls 3/10
The controls fail in many ways in this game. The drag system doesn't work and items never work the way you want them to.

Items 5/10
This has more than 28K items, let many of them do NOTHING!! and others don't work in the way they should. Besides when you get one item stuck in your head, you can't think of any others.

Level of Fun 6/10
Fun is something i look for in a game. This game lacks it.

Seasonal Buy 2/10
Some games you buy come out when other good games don't! but this game had the worst timing. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story came out the same day. So Scribblenauts is a horrible seasonal buy!!!

Level Design 8/10
some levels are great fun, others are made horribly

Overall 6.5/10
28K Items
Some levels are awesome

Seasonal Buy(see above)
Items don't work the way they should

Don't buy this. this was a review by munchlax99:)