Quirky, but fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Scrapland PC
Quirky, made by American McGee (Alice). It's out there by nature, but is good mainly because of its uniqueness, you just won't find any game quite like it. It is humorous, mocking several aspects of our society. Its non-linear, which can be fun but the challenge is low. You can kill off cops and collect cash, and challenge characters for racing/combat in the "Gunships," the armed flying vehicles. The cinematics are a bit messed up, with out-of-que gestures and some mouth-to-voice probs, but all of them are funny in some form. The scenery is awesome, a lot of time was spent making the background, especially in space. Overall, kinda mature and crude humor for the kids, but a little simple for adults. A 7.6, not great, but not crap.