Deffinitly one for the kids

User Rating: 5.4 | Scrapland XBOX
When i heard about a game that was like GTA but set in the future i got straight onto ebay and bought this game thinkin i got myself a bargain for £6, but to my horror, i was sadly mistaken and realised why the game was so cheap. this game is dam right terrible, ive been playing a couple of missions and im starting to feel scuicidle, its just so boring.

It says you can steal other peoples space ships, but every time i do so i dont see a point in doing it. There is no actions that entertain you for more than 3 minuites, every robot has a special action, and thats 1 special action, thats all their good for. None of the robots have the ability to punch, sprint (main character can do this, but no othr robot can) or even JUMP!!!!! what the hell were they thinking!?!

Another downside to this game is the general piloting of the space ships, its boring and pointless. What i mean is your ship doesnt receive damage when you crash, and when you up-grade weapons it still seems to take a pretty long time to kill the enemy ships. When you crash into a wall theres not even sparks, thats right, sparks!, you just sort of glide off it liek the wall has some sort of force field that pushes objects away which in my opinion is just stupid, sure it makes things easier, but it makes it alot less exciting because theres no need to dodge the walls.

The best thing about thi game is probably the graphics, they are colourful and just generally good, and the sound isnt bad either. However, it does jump during cutscenes, but i dont know if this is my game because it is pretty scratched).

the ability to change into different robots is a nifty idea but because everything else is so bad, i wouldnt recomend getting the game purely for that feature.

What im getting down to is, if you have a kid or little sis or bro or maybe even your grandparents, they wil probably like its simplicity and lack of challenge, but for evrybody else, forget about it, i wouldnt even bother renting it, its just not worth it.