So long

User Rating: 1 | Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights PS2
Scooby and the gang go to Holly, a friend of the gang to helo solve a mystery about the disappearance of his uncle. There are three major levels in the game. The first one is the mansion, the second one is the hedge maze and the third one is the docks. In the hedge maze, you will experience battling plants and trying to finish a cliff level. In the dock level, you will experience battling sea creatures, cavemen, sea ghosts and pirates. In the mansion, you will experience battling witches, ghosts, headless spectres, robots. You can collect tokens of the villains in the level. Now the reason why I rated this game as abysmal is because the game uses different villains in a level. For the dock level, they shall only put sea monsters. Why put cavemen? For the manion level, why put witches? Get my point?