r r rr rr Raggy Ris is RUBBISH

User Rating: 3.4 | Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights XBOX
i first got this game as a pack along with my console, it also came with another game sonic adventure 2 (which i enjoyed a fair amount more) so having played my first game on my console i picked up scooby doo ,my expections of it unknown...........it starts with a crappy reconstruction of the introduction to the TV show, already the graphics were making me feel sick. It then goes onto having a typical scooby doo storyline where someone is missing, with pointless laughter(it is so f*****g annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) added in randomly to try and make it more like your in the show. The gameplay is rubbish, it is a dull platformer, the classic scooby doo monsters dont look convincing and are just shover into the game where seems best to keep the hardcore scooby doo fans interested, but even they will be regretting they bought it.